Born in 1954, The COBBLER started his shoe making history by the influence of his father, working at his own factory, by the age of 10.

In 1967, The COBBLER started officially his first working contract and, throughout the years he learned all production processes, particularly the handmade finishings that make the difference in our products until today.

In the early 80’s, The Cobbler bought his father’s factory and in the consequent 30 years he has consistently increased the company’s numbers has he started to show their know how to several countries and brands all around the globe.

In 2018, with more than 10 years of experience in the shoe industry as sales and brand manager, The cobbler son sent a challenge to his sister and they have created Officina Sixty Seven, a high quality men’s shoes factory, producing shoes with the heritage handmade finishings for some of the best shoe brands, and most particularly for their own brand, created to honor their father: SONS OF A COBBLER, SOC!

SONS OF A COBBLER is the real identity of their company and the center of the business strategy! Using the best raw materials, judiciously selected by our professionals, and produced in a balanced joint venture between high tech processes with ancient handmade procedures which led us to the perfect product.

The brand main goal is to provide all men with good taste and fashion sense, the chance to get a luxury product at a balanced cost.

At SONS OF A COBBLER we want to honour all fathers that ensure that the knowledge and know-how is not lost by mentoring their sons. That is the foundation of the heritage behind all great brands, the path to perfection!

We put ourselves in your shoes, and in ours!